Primary children face new developmental challenges. A specially prepared learning environment is just as important now as it was before during the pre primary years, for children to achieve their full potential. A well -established primary environment gives children the opportunity to continue to progress at their own pace. At the primary level, learning continues to be hands on experience moving into abstract concepts. The goal is to lead the child away from a dependency on concrete models towards the ability to solve problems on paper. Similar hands on materials help students understand grammar, sentence analysis and so on.

In this course the student teacher will not only learn the presentations of the various advanced concepts, but will also learn how to help the child progress from concrete to abstract learning.

Course details

Duration – 6 months

  • Module 1: Exercises of Practical Life
  • Module 2: Math (Geometry)
  • Module 3: Language
  • Module 4: Cultural (The Great Lessons, Meditation and science Experiments)


Observation of primary children within the Montessori environment is an essential aspect of teacher training. It is only through the acquisition of excellent observation skills that the guide is able to properly assess each child and truly be “the dynamic link” between the child and the environment, knowing when to “kindle the flame of interest” and when to step back and allow the child to interact with the environment on his own.

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