We have heard about Stop, Drop and Roll. This is taught to children during fire drills at schools.

But have you heard about the acronym “STAR?” My aunt recently shared this acronym with me. Her grandchildren were introduced to this in their school. It stands for

  • Stop
  • Take a breath
  • And
  • Relax

I loved it instantly. What a life skill to teach children!

In the fast paced life that today’s children are being born into, it has become a necessity to make them aware of their breath.

What does awareness of breath do to us?

  • When the children become aware of their breath, it slows them  down and anchors them in the present moment -as the breath they are aware of, is happening in the here and now.
  • Being in the present moment opens up a lot of positive energy that can be used in self-construction. Childhood is a period of massive self-construction. So what better time than the early years to start following the breath!
  • Early childhood is also a time when children are figuring out a lot of things about themselves and the world around them. Breath consciousness will help children find their “inner locus “ or “inner guide”.
  • This inner guide, will help the child in making decisions and keep them on a path, that will lead to self-mastery.

How to instill breath awareness?

  1. STAR:
    • The STAR can be introduced to very young children when they are throwing a tantrum, being aggressive or having an emotional outburst.
    • Its best to do it with the children.
    • Stop, Take a breath And Relax!
  2. Balloon Breath: Balloon breath can be done with children as young as 3 years old.
    • Keep the palms in front of the chest like you are holding a balloon.
    • With the inhale the hands move away from each other
    •  With the exhale the hands move towards each other.
  3. Feather:
    • Hold a feather a few inches away from your face.
    • Watch how the feather moves as you breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.
    • Try slow breaths and fast breaths and notice how the feather moves.

Try these methods and bring ‘breath awareness’ in your children. Introduce them to a “LIFE LONG FRIEND”.