Online Montessori Pre – Primary Course

The pre-primary child learns through observing and interacting with his environment. So it is very important to create “Just the right environment.” The environment should have hands on activities that the child uses to explore and learn. Setting the right boundaries will help the child develop self-discipline.

In this course the student teacher will learn how to prepare this “right” environment .

Course details

Duration – 8 months

  • Module 1: Exercises of Practical Life
  • Module 2: Sensorial
  • Module 3: Math
  • Module 4: Language (story telling, circle time and music)
  • Module 5: Cultural (Art and Geometry)
  • Module 6: Child Nutrition and child Psychology

Special Learning Disabilities

The student teacher will be introduced to “Learning disabilities.” They will learn how to follow the child’s pace of learning and how to change teaching styles as per the child’s requirement.


Observation of pre-primary children within the Montessori environment is an essential aspect of teacher training. It is only through the acquisition of excellent observation skills that the guide is able to properly assess each child and truly be “the dynamic link” between the child and the environment, knowing when to “kindle the flame of interest” and when to step back and allow the child to interact with the environment on his own.

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