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“ When interested , a child becomes self motivated. Self motivation leads to becoming self disciplined. When self disciplined , a child engages in a process of mastery learning and develops his or her potential.”


Maria Montessori

Why should children do yoga?
In a few words: It helps them CALM DOWN and FOCUS. Further benefits are:

  • To promote self discipline
  • To exercise the body and help physical coordination
  • To help right and left brain coordination
  • To help children be aware of themselves from the inside…. Both physically and emotionally.
  • To increase self confidence
  • To encourage awareness of the spirit
  • To have fun (very important from the child’s view point.)

Allowing feelings is a beautiful meditation that brings the child into a state of peace. When a child knows that he is accepted unconditionally, he or she can then mirror that quality for themselves.

A good children’s yoga class:

  • Engages the child and is fun
  • Promotes a state of well being on all levels

Formative Age yoga for children program will teach teachers, parents and anyone interested in sharing the benefits of yoga with children, to organize a yoga class which is dynamic, bursting with imaginary animals and stories which capture the children, who in their delight have no clue how healthy and relaxed they are becoming.

It is a 2 day certificate course.

Saturday         10:30 am to 2:30pm

Sunday            10:30 am to 2:30pm


The only way to raise positive children is to start by being a positive parent. When the proud new mama and papa hold their 3kg bundle of joy in their arms, it’s difficult to imagine that someday that little bundle of joy could be a 6ft. handsome man or a 5ft. beauty who will be a contributing member of society. Parents however have the capacity to “see the future” , to use their imagination, to visualize that baby growing up to be a successful , creative , positive adult.

A seed of a plant contains hidden between the 2 cotyledons, a tiny plant in which we can recognize the roots and leaves and which set in the earth, develops into a new plant. The potential to grow is hidden between the cotyledons. Nurturing the seed with sunlight air, water and the faith in the mysterious mission will help the seed unfold.

We as parents can confidently project an image of the fine young man or young woman who will emerge from our tiny seed of humanity. We can nurture the spiritual embryo through successive growing stages into positive adulthood. This nurturing process is not easy. To raise positive children we need essential ingredients like love, discipline, forgiveness and many more qualities all wrapped up in an abundance of care and trust for our children’s eventual well being. Although the process of raising positive children seems tough it can be fun, exciting and tremendously rewarding. So parents, teachers and anyone in the company of children will benefit from these workshops.


Formative Age Conscious parenting workshops:

It will talk about how to bring about inner and outer discipline in children. The work shops will be based on books like “How to talk so kids will listen and how to listen so kids will talk” by Jim Faye And the Montessori philosophy. .These workshops will benefit parents, teachers or anybody who has the responsibility of raising children.

Duration: 2hours.