About Formative Age

Formative Age is a 10-year-old organization. We offer online certificate courses for adults to be trained as Montessori guides in the pre-primary as well as primary level. It came into being in the year 2008. It is founded by Smruti Gopal. At Formative Age our student teachers are exposed to the authentic Montessori training with a lot of importance given to Dr. Montessori’s philosophy. The courses at Formative Age are unique because they include additional subjects like Music, Child Nutrition, Child Psychology, Geometry and a brief introduction to Learning disabilities in the pre primary course. Meditation, Moral education and Conscious teaching add value to the primary course. The structure of the courses gives enough opportunities to be creative. For example, the student teacher learns storytelling by narrating a story using props in pre-primary curriculum. Similarly the primary student teachers make a project for pollination in the cultural area.

Both the courses will give enough knowledge and ideas which can be made use of while working wih children.