Formative Age,
Store No. 225, Arcade Brigade Metropolis, # 73/1 ,Garudacharpalya, Mahadevapura post, Whitefield main road , Bangalore 560048.

“ When interested , a child becomes self motivated. Self motivation leads to becoming self disciplined. When self disciplined , a child engages in a process of mastery learning and develops his or her potential.”


Maria Montessori

Formative Age is a Montessori teacher training centre founded by Mrs. Smruti Gopal in 2009. It is accredited by Calcutta Montessori teacher training centre.

What is education for ? How we answer this question is critical for the future of Our Children, Our Nation, Our World. The real purpose of education is to nurture and inspire the creativity, curiosity, leadership, love and imagination that lies with each and every child.

Dr Montessori has brought forth a unique method of education which helps children work with material and discover their inner potential.

At Formative Age our student teachers are exposed to the authentic Montessori training with a lot of importance given to Dr. Montessori’s philosophy. They are given a lot of time to practice with the didactic material. It includes 9 months of theory and practical classes with periodic exams for theory as well as practicals at the end of each term. Student teachers make their own manual for each area. They are sent for observations to well known Montessori schools like Headstart. The course at Formative Age is unique because we have additional subjects like Music , child nutrition, child psychology, Geometry and a brief introduction to Learning disabilities. Student teachers also come up with their own original activities for each area. They are given enough opportunities to be creative when they are expected to write a story and narrate it with props . Our cultural area equips them with enough ideas to give the children activities as well as hands on experiences to learn about history, geography and the different sciences.

The course offers the student teacher enough knowledge and ideas which they can make use of with the children they work with. In short at Formative Age you will be transformed into a well rounded and passionate Montessori adult.

Courses offered at Formative age
  • Montessori Pre - Primary (3-6 yrs)Teachers Training
  • Montessori Primary(6-12 yrs) Teachers Training
  • Conscious parenting workshops
  • Yoga for Children Workshop
  • Consultation

Vision for Formative Age

  • To provide Authentic Montessori Training to the teacher trainees so that they can imbibe the Montessori philosophy and create an environment in which the child can flourish.
  • To provide quality Children’s yoga training to the teachers in training so that they can help develop in the child a love for yoga and inspire them to be creative and imaginative.
  • To help parents enjoy the golden years with their children and have a harmonious relationship with their children.